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How To Rank Websites

Posted by on Aug 17, 2017 in Freelance Consultants, Rank Website, SEO consultants | Comments Off on How To Rank Websites

In this modern era of search engine optimisation and digital marketing the information available about any subject online is mind blowing! It just takes searching a single keyword in google to get thousands of results. The obvious search winner in any such situation is obliviously, the one holding the top position in SERPs. So, if you are trying to make your business a success you need to make sure that your websites/blog/ecom site is ranking for your intended keywords on the top page of google.

You can seek the services or advice of a freelance SEO consultant like myself because a top Search Engine ranking can get you unlimited traffic, good profits and sales. Even if you have good website design, a great landing page & you are producing good content, you won’t get a single visit if no one is opening your web page due to the lower rankings. One of my favourite sayings is “you need to be seen to get seen!”, which is almost as good as:

That’s exactly why it is time to hire the best SEO professionals to help you to get the job done with full expertise. Now if you are thinking of the ways to rank your websites, then you need to read this article  to find a solution………


Why Freelancer Consultant Is The Best Option

The best option for you is to hire a freelance consultant. Freelancers have a proven set of skills and you can find them in any corner of the world. This means you don’t have to limit yourself with to one particular market. The fact you can easily reach consultants all over the world, will give you leverage to hire the best SEO professional for your business.

Why You Need An Expert Consultant

If you are trying to grow your business you can’t do it without online presence. Even if you have online presence, don’t stop there, you need to rank your websites or blog with the help of a freelance SEO consultant. A lot of businesses are doing this job at their own, which in my humble opinion, is not the best option. The expert SEO consultant knows what needs to be done. Now with internet you have so many options to hire freelancer consultants who have proven skills in the field and easy access to check out some of their previous work from the comfort of your own home.

How To Hire SEO Freelancers

First you need to check their skill sets and past work experience. There are so many online platforms these days where you can find your freelancers in one particular category. Read reviews from the previous clients so you know who will be the right fit to take on your SEO project.

After selecting one, ask about their SEO skill se,t as well the strategy/blueprint they are going to use to rank your business online. You can also ask for a time frame & budget required to achieve your desired SEO results.  You need to be aware of Blackhat SEOs and possibly stay away from them as they can rank your website quickly but generally the results don’t stick for long and can also be counter productive in the long run. Always ask to see examples of the consultants clients that have been ranking for at least 2 years.


Ranking you business in SERPs is not tough if you are aware of your own businesses offerings and your target audience. A smart SEO consultant will always help you connect with your audience and in the meanwhile do all the necessary stuff to make the website SEO optimised in a way that google identifies your site as a genuine resource to be put across it’s users. A good quality freelance SEO consultant can help you identify new customers for your company and can help expand your business without your active involvement.

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What Do SEO Consultants Actually Do to Rank Websites on the First Page of Google?

Posted by on Aug 21, 2017 in Freelance Consultants, SEO consultants | Comments Off on What Do SEO Consultants Actually Do to Rank Websites on the First Page of Google?

Do you want to know how SEO consultants and SEO Agencies rank websites on the first page of Google?

They use SEO strategies and techniques to obtain a high ranking in search results. They make sure that your website or blog is understandable for both search engine robots and users.

The level of competition these days is high, so it is important to be as high as possible in the search results. However, most people do not know how to rank their websites on Google.

Google uses different methods to determine the pages that are displayed first in the results. Their formula is secret, but SEO agencies use different strategies and techniques to improve the rankings of a website.

Here are some of the things that SEO agencies do to rank websites on the first page of Google.

1 Publish Relevant Content

Quality content helps to improve the search engine rankings of a website. There is no substitute for epic content. SEO agencies create content specifically for the website’s visitors. This improves the authority and relevance of a website.

They never sacrifice good writing for SEO. They always think of the user when they are writing website’s content. They hire the best ghost writers who write the content. They link to other relevant websites in the content.

This Sheffield agency states on their website that “Content marketing is the subtle art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.” This company clearly “get’s” modern marketing and they sum it up like this:

“Consumers have closed their minds to the traditional methods of marketing. Technology allows them to opt in or out of seeing advertising and receiving emails, ad blockers make online advertising pointless, very few cannot spot a sponsored link or paid for position in search results”.

2. Create Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites display on mobile devices such smartphones and tablets. They load quickly and they are user-friendly. This means that when a user visits the website on his/her mobile device, he/she does not have to zoom in or pinch to read website’s content.

It has been proven that Google loves websites that are mobile-friendly because most people these days use their mobile devices when they are doing their research. Therefore, SEO agencies focus on building mobile friendly websites.

A good example of this can be seen here with this SEO company, near the top of their website on the homepage, it states:

“Brand That Name specialises in designing mobile optimised websites which are found higher on Google mobile searches helping you dominate your competition.”

Another modern company who clearly “get it”!

3. Quality Backlinks

SEO agencies know that link building is important. Building quality backlinks is challenging. The truth is, it is hard to rank for competitive and high traffic keywords if you are not building high-quality backlinks.

Websites that have valuable and relevant backlinks outrank the ones that do not have them. Generating quality backlinks is difficult.

The good thing is that SEO agencies have been ranking websites for several years so they have their own tactics for getting high-quality backlinks.

4. Keyword Research, Keyword Density and Relevancy

Google looks at the density of the keyword usage. The days of keyword stuffing are over. SEO agencies know this so they use natural phrasing.

They have the right tools for doing a thorough keyword research. These tools help them to find keywords that have low competition but with high monthly searches.

SEO agencies use these keywords when they are writing website’s content.

Relevancy is critically important in helping Google understand both the meaning of the page as well as what target audience that website is for. Take this website again, the orange hyperlinks are obviously being used to add relevancy for the target town (in this case Leeds). This SEO agency must know what they are doing as they rank on the first page of goole for some very competitive internet marketing keywords in a large city.

These are the things that Freelance Consultants and SEO agencies do to rank a website on the first page of Google. You can use these tips to rank your website. However, you have to hire the right SEO agency if you want to hire them to help you rank your website in Google.

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